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by Michael David McGuire

The Right to Privacy was never enshrined in the US Constitution... and was never really anything more than an illusion based on the fact that it was hard to track the average guy. Now... with new, so-called anti-terror legislation, face recognition technologies, electronic snooping and microchip tracking technologies... even the old illusion is gone.

All across the USA people are bemoaning the loss of privacy. This correspondent hears both whispers and loud cries all across North America... calling for valiant and extraordinary measures to defend this "right" at all costs. Some go as far as not wanting to share their email address with news related web sites for fear that "they" (the government) might start snooping into their lives, their opinions and their personal, private actions. Well, baby... Big Brother is already here and he's watching.

Technology exists to track your emails and cell phone calls. Technology exists to track the web pages you visit and the books you read. Your magazine subscriptions, credit card transactions... who you sat next to on your last flight to Des Moines, Kansas City or Paris. Who did you call, what were of thinking... what are you going to do next? Was your brother a drug dealer, do you have unsavory foreign relatives... did you ever smoke a joint? There's a mad dash now to implant microchips in order to better track the food supply... including every cow that ends up at McDonald's. The exact same technology can be used... quite easily... to track every person going to McDonald's. The implications are far, wide... and frightening.

A wiser man would not spend time bemoaning the loss of a "right" that never really existed. Instead, that hypothetical wise man would spend his time talking to others about the God-given right to live... to be you... to be free from the tyranny of the ever-present eye that watches everything. Let the damn eye watch. Get an eyeful in the bedroom, living room, loving room and playroom... and know that you are free and good. Everything is okay, anytime... as long as it doesn"t harm anyone else. Live your life like that and you truly will be free.

CORRESPONDENT'S NOTE: Here's an interesting game. Start counting the public surveillance cameras that have gone up in just the past few months, hundreds and hundreds of new cameras everywhere. Some are in the open... many are secretly hidden. Take a look on city streets, public squares, freeways, rooftops and retail stores.


Michael David McGuire

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